Business Building


Our Business Building module makes all the difference to a coach's professional success.  It's based on the principle of Alignment first, and then ... (whatever sounds good next).

We believe the way to create a successful coaching practice is to begin with BEING a successful coach.  And yet, flowing that energy before your success is manifested can be tricky.  It sure trips up a lot of excellent coaches out there.

But when you have the direction and encouragement to engage BEING first, and then taking whatever actions inspire you - indeed, ONLY actions that inspire you - you'll be on the right track.

The Steps to Alignment First ... include:

  • Painting Your Picture (what is your idea of success?  this will be your guiding vision)
  • Beliefs Exploration (we'll identify them, spotlight some, and bust others)
  • Work Your Gap (how to stay aligned when it isn't "real" yet)
  • Inspired Actions (what's your idea of a good time with your coaching biz?)
  • Nuts and bolts of business setup and operation
  • Marketing basics

Will we cover websites and social media and products and support systems and such?  Briefly, yes.  Enough to recognize where your passion is (and isn't) and point you in the right direction for engaging it.

You will walk away with a crystal clear understanding of what makes the difference between coaches who succeed and those who don't, and a specific "how to" map for allowing your thriving business into reality.  You will know how to manage overwhelm, you will become practiced at prioritizing joy, expert at identifying your feel good path, get used to saying no when it's time to say no and yes when it's time to say yes, and you'll have fun in the process.

This is approximately 25 hours of audio training, plus your investment in your homework assignments, plus the live weekly calls.  By the time you're done with this, you will own it inside and out.  We know what makes the difference for coaches success, and you will too by the time you're done here.

Listen to our first coach cadet's experience as she began the Business Building module.  (8 clients in one month!)

We are revealing the effective way to create coaching success.  Are you with us?

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