Certified Good Vibe Coaches


Meet our Certified Coaches ... The following coaches have fulfilled the rigorous certification requirements to be Good Vibe Certified Coaches:      


Janette Dalgliesh, Certified Good Vibe Coach

Janette Dalgliesh is the Identity Shift Ninja, using her unique blend of hardcore brain science and esoteric training to help people figure out what they want, and then help them get it. She describes her work as a blend of soul archaeology, brain whispering and joy navigation, and says that identity shifting is definitely not the mainstream approach to life. In fact, to the untrained eye identity shifting looks a lot like trafficking in miracles. And it’s way more fun (and more powerful) than struggle or sacrifice.

Janette is a gifted coach who uses her powerful skills in numerology and astrology to reveal her client’s most authentic selves, and then brings LOA, positive psychology and neuroscience to the mix to create practical, real-world strategies tailor-made for each client.

A founding member of GVU, the first graduate to be Certified by Good Vibe Coaching Academy, and a passionate ambassador for LOA in her local community, Janette has received LOA Leaders Awards for both of her best-selling “Your Everyday Superpower" Kindle e-books. Based in Australia with an international following, she lives in a very tiny cottage and has been joyfully married to the same man for over 25 years.

You can find her at www.identityshift.ninja; or grab her no-strings, no sign-up high value audio training at www.identityshift101.com    



Jessica Vazquez, life coachJessica Vazquez engages extensive training across multiple disciplines as well as personal experience to help women end the war on their bodies.  More than a weight loss coach, Jessica leads women caught in the trap of self loathing to find freedom from diets and calorie counting, and to learn peace in mind and body.  Her approach uses science and spirituality to savor life. Find Jessica at Enjoy Life.



Anne BolenderAnne Bolender has a personal quest to draw on tools, tips and tech­niques from the Law of Attrac­tion and other coach leaders to delib­er­ately cre­ate her authen­tic life and live life to the fullest.  Her mis­sion is to share the tools and tech­niques she's using to help others do the same.  Through her experiences she's dis­cov­er­ing how clar­ity and cre­ativ­ity can be the cat­a­lysts that help us delib­er­ately cre­ate the life we are meant to live.   Find Anne online at Anne Bolender.    



Laura EnglishLaura English helps clients flush out the strategy and details for early-stage change. She feels most energized when the ideas start flowing and life is breathed into what was once a spark of desire. Through thoughtful questioning, detailed brainstorming, intuition and light research, she helps to create a blueprint for change for solopreneurs, small businesses, career changes and stand-alone projects. Find Laura at Laura English.


Ginny Gane Ginny Gane is a world traveler, currently in Ontario Canada, who lives her life playing with the law of attraction and working with clients who are ready to take their LOA game to the next level. She loves life and wants others to find their own happy, to move away from the "shoulds" of society and really dream, create and experience a life to be in love with. Find Ginny at Ginny Gane.


Ruby Gangadharan Ruby Gangadharan is a Transformational Life coach and a Yoga Practitioner. She works on the premise that we are all energy based beings who have the power and the ability to create blissful life experiences. Ruby coaches’ clients to manifest external experiences using spiritually led inner transformations. Her five-pronged approach to coaching deals with key aspects of an individual’s life; how they relate to others, relate to themselves, their physical form, their mind, and their spirit. Ruby infuses her coaching with a distinctive combination of Law of Attraction, Quantum Laws, and the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Find Ruby at Ruby Gangadharan.


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Good Vibe Coaching students in trainingWe're also pleased to introduce some of our coaches in training ... Meet a few of our current coaches in training who are actively completing the curriculum:  




Cassie Parks, law of attraction coach Cassie Parks believes in the power of possibility. She lives in Denver in the house she manifested on the very street she wanted! She loves exploring her city and spending time with those she loves.  Cassie offers a variety of Law of Attraction fun on what she calls the Manifesting Playground. Scripting, visualizing, and getting in touch with the vibration of what you want to attract are Cassie’s specialties. Find Cassie at Cassie Parks.


Joy Zalzala-Soyka Joy Zalzala-Soyka inspires people to follow their dreams and to actually create and live a life they want to live. She coaches people to achieve their goals, have fun doing it and to build up visions for their life that make them feel really good. It is her passion to use the Law of Attraction and to support people in making their wishes come true. Find Joy at Sand Step Coaching.


Sherry Trentini Sherry Trentini's intention is to help people to Create Space and bring Balance into their lives. By helping you to Let Go of thoughts and things that no longer serve you, with a Feng Shui twist! Her approach is a fusion of her training in Feng Shui, multiple body work modalities, energy work and coaching. Can be found at www.sherrytrentini.com


Nikky Dhillon Nikky Dhillon lives in Sydney, Australia and manifested her move from India to Sydney using the principles of deliberate creation. She has spent ten years in the corporate world in roles primarily in Learning and development and supporting her fellow employees be the best that they can be. She now is a full time mum raising two beautiful children and prides at finding it really easy to parent her children thanks to using the law of attraction to create harmony in her life. She wants to help people deliberately create the life they want use the principles of law of attraction in their day to day living.