Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy module is unlike anything you are going to see anywhere else in the coach training world.  Our coach training is based on our uniquely created model: Identity Shifting.

We believe you get from life exactly what you think you are. Now, that statement might sound like bad grammar, or a play on words.  It isn't.  It's quite literal and coaching from that perspective can create swift transformation.  It virtually has to.  These are indeed powerful tools!  We'll show you the "rules of the road" and then encourage you to break 'em all if you want to.  Then we take it a step further and show you how to use those tools most effectively - and that's juicy value.

The Steps to Identity Shifting are:

  • Engaging self love
  • Unhooking from the past
  • Putting thoughts and feels to work for us vs. letting them run against us
  • Accepting responsibility and finding ease in that
  • The proper role of action
  • Getting the keys to the kingdom by getting happy

Simple?  Sure is.  Easy to coach?  It is with these tools and training.

We will leave you with a ten tool treasure chest of deliberate creator habits and manifesting techniques and habits.  You will learn not just how to use them, but how to coach them, and it's not always the same thing.

This is approximately 20 hours of audio training, plus your investment in your homework assignments, plus the live weekly calls.  By the time you're done with this, you will own it inside and out.  And we know coaching will never be the same again, for you or your clients.

So, if you want to see coaching from a very fresh perspective, this is your ticket to a whole new level of skill and confidence.

We are changing the world of coaching.  Are you with us?  Purchase Coaching Philosophy for $995 below if so.