A Little More Remembering, A Little More Appreciating

By: Thomas Wells

Here in Boulder, Colorado, the days are beginning to reach their still goosebumpy arms a bit further out every day onto the rolling sage-covered plains stretching endlessly eastward from where I sit on my late-night, well-worn leather couch..Rolling plains which are just now losing their coats of frozen white as the midday lingers a little longer in recent warmth, as our dear old Grandfather Sun spreads His thin layers of gold leaf on every barren tree and field.

And as the earth awakens around me with the first stirrings of Spring’s anticipation, I too am awakening from what seems like a long, long slumber…awakening to my role as Creator of everything I know as “my Life”…maker of every day…shaper of what is and of what’s yet to be. I’m beginning to learn how to allow, how to listen to what orders I’m putting into the Kitchen of my Universe, that I might consider that the food my Life is serving up to me is exactly what I have asked for. And noticing…”Of course, this makes complete sense, How cool!” or conversely..”Why am I inviting this into my Life?” And accepting that no matter what, I am in just the right place on my journey, at precisely the right time, doing precisely what I came here to do, my path becoming increasingly clear before me, because I less and less am willing to allow it any other way, and because I’m really beginning to believe that I can’t get it wrong, and I’m never gonna get it done, not even for Lifetimes to come, and that that’s not only OK, but it’s what I’d rather be accepting, cause it’s the journey AND the destination that make it all worth it.

Yeah, it’s a lot to swallow, but it’s also pretty chill, and a big relief to no longer feel it’s something I need to “worry” about. That’s been a big one for me to let go of, and I’m gettin’ better and better at relaxing about the Big Concern of “Me and MY Life”.

It’s funny how no one else will ever be inside my head but me, or ever give me what I uniquely came in this body to experience, and how I can see how it’s constantly up to me, moment by moment, to give myself the gift of a Life that simply Feels Good to me, a life that works, in a good way, a life where I can Enjoy watching myself create with each new thought and feeling, what’s here and what’s coming next.

It’s empowering to begin to realize that I, we, came equipped with everything we need to create and shape and allow our lives to flow with brilliant creativity and excitement. I think we’re actually these impossible to fathom holographic creating Beings. I always knew that this Universe was a magical place, and now I’m starting to see just how astounding it all is. I’ve been studying a “layman’s study” of Quantum Physics and playing with the Law of Attraction as my newly found spiritual disciplines, and I see how undisciplined I’ve been throughout most of my life until recently, in cultivating my mastery of my own thoughts and feelings, of the very consciousness I am, which is wholly determining the experience of Life I’m choosing here.

Anyway, Tom’s Adventures in Life Mastery on the Holodeck are to be continued…and continued…and continued…and I can rest in knowing that. It’s really cool that there is increasingly NO God there ( for me anyway), judging or holding me accountable, nor anyone else. What a RELIEF!!

May your adventures, unique only to you, be ever so wonderful and joyful!!

And may I ask you my friend…”What new ever better-feeling story of your Life are you wanting to from this moment into the future you desire?”

All Blessings are ours,

Love, Tom

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