Alignment Detox

by: Sherry Trentini

How many books have you read in the last year?  Last five?  Your lifetime?

How many books have you read for the sole purpose of improving or changing your life?

How many blogs, e-books, programs or workshops have you consumed for that same intention?

Have you been devouring new authors, new books, signing up for online programs all the while open to receiving the next thing.

Looking for the one that fits 100%…

Looking for the one that puts all the pieces together…

The fabulous thing about reading and consuming information delivered by various authors is that the content may be the same or similar, but its their interpretation and delivery of the content that may strike a cord.

When we have a new perspective on a topic things shift.  We shift where our thought energy is redirected, expanded or de-cluttered.

All of this is brilliant.

All of this is highly valuable.

All of this adds to our toolbox.

All of this can perpetuate our not doing anything with the tools because we feel distracted by our research.  Everyday someone is posting, publishing, sharing material out there that captivates us and attracts us.

However is it possible that our consumption is detracting from our alignment to move forward, improve or change by perpetuating a feeling that we are incomplete?

Unconsciously we can create momentum of not doing what we have learned based on the practicality that “there is so much more out there to learn.”

The flow of reading post after post or book after book can feel productive yet can be silently taking us out of alignment with what we intended to learn how to do in the first place.

So I invite you to do an Alignment Detox.

  1. Just say No.

Ask yourself:  What would it feel like to accept that you have all the information you need at this moment?


  • Put The Book Down
  • Not click on the link.
  • Not sign up for the e-course.
  • Don’t subscribe.

Outside influencers, teachers, and gurus, will be there when you get back.  Give your mind, body and spirit time to absorb all that you have learned.

  1. Just say Yes.

Ask yourself:  What would it feel like to practise, play and or teach what you have learned?

Write down the top five things you have learned or top five quotes from whom you have read and use that as your foundation to move forward.

These are alignment boosters, because they moved you, say yes to what you have taken in and roll with that.

  1. Let go of the Clutter

But so and so just recommended this book…”

“But so and so just shared this article…”

“But I just saw this link that looked really good…”

Habitually you are jones-ing for more content.  You just can’t allow the new stuff to go by without reading, clicking or sharing.

The noise of the virtual world may not seem loud because we are quietly scrolling on our phones, surfing on our laptop.  Then without being conscious of it we have stopped doing our own work, in favour of reading someone else’s, because it feels productive.

What is your You:Other ratio?

90:10 or 10:90

80:20 or 20:80

50:50 or 50:50

Figure out how much time you invest in your work to other’s work.

Breathe in and exhale out.

Refer back to #1 and #2.


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