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Marketing That Works

Why is that so many coaches have no love for marketing their business? It’s not so much that they don’t want to let others know who they are and what they’re up to – – it’s more that traditional marketing methods can be off-putting. Things we’d never want to put our name on, like … Leveraging false scarcity (“Only 20 seats left!”; “expires at midnight tonight!”) Pain or problem-based messaging (Top 10 Reasons Your Website Sucks) Making outrageous claims (Make Six Figures on Your Next Launch, Even with No List and No Budget) Over the top communication styles (red text alternating yellow highlights designed to alarm us into action) Forced opt ins (aka squeeze pages, where you get nothing until you hand Read more [...]

Alignment via Your Future Self

Here's an easy way to tune into the vibration of your successful coaching business ... Take a minute to get quiet and comfortable while you relax your mind. Take several deep breaths as you let go of the cares and concerns of the day. Feel the stress leaving your body as you relax completely for this mental visit to your future ... In this relaxed state, invite yourself to fast forward to your future successful self. Time travel in your mind to 5, 10 or 20 years out (whatever feels most appropriate) to visit with your future self. This is the future self where all your biggest and best business dreams have come true. You're at the epitome of your achievements. All your professional desires have been been accomplished. Your coaching Read more [...]

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success

For coaches wondering how to make their practice more successful, please know this: You don’t have to get better at marketing. You don’t have to hire an expensive mentor. You don’t have to get a support team in place. You don’t have to figure out how to get leads. You don’t have to make a better offer than your competition. You don’t have to grow your visibility, or improve your social media campaigns, or increase your advertising budget. You don’t have to do any of the things you might have been tripped up by – other than this:   Get better at vibrating success. Get better at knowing the frequency of what you want. Get better at feeling it as a done deal. That’s what makes the difference. If Read more [...]

Go Out and Play!

How many of us were told this as children? I know I was, and in turn, I am guilty of saying the same thing to my daughter.Do your homework first, then you can play.  After all I will admit it does teach us to be responsible and self disciplined. I will also admit it's a great feeling to have all of your homework, chores, and tasks finished and out of the way. It can lend a sense of order, space, and structure to our day.It can also be a legitimate way to stay safe. To remain small.To not do the very thing your heart yearns to do.  Those things you say you want to do someday.You know, that urge inside to write a best seller, to paint a masterpiece, to play spanish guitar or jazz piano, to try out some new recipes, take voice lessons, learn Read more [...]

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself. Believe, that you are able to achieve whatever you want. Especially in times of contrast.Sometimes the path that we take to reach our desires is not so clear to us. What you want and what steps you think should come next, might be shaped by some limiting beliefs you are currently holding. And the path to match your true desire might take a different form than you expect.The past weeks have been quite a rocky ride for me and my family. On the one hand my partner and I were inspired by some big desires for change in the upcoming winter.  On the other hand there was lots of contrast arising. The most plausible path to relief seemed: get a break, go on vacation, let go of the need to figure this out now and let the answers Read more [...]

Looking for Clients?

If you’re not getting the clients you want, you may be overlooking both the reason and the solution. When getting customers isn’t going as planned, many coaches wonder if it’s because their sales page is off. Or their rates are too high. Or maybe it’s the economy. Or perhaps they just aren’t experienced enough to win the business. That’s not the reason you aren’t getting clients. We know this because we’ve seen business owners with bad websites, ridiculous fees, and little experience win the business. So those are not the required elements for success. What is a required element is finding vibrational alignment to getting clients. That means if you don’t know what’s like to have clients, or you have trouble imagining Read more [...]

Do You Need a Business Plan?

If you're a conscious creator in business for yourself, you may have wondered whether a traditional business plan is required for your coaching success. Even the conventional experts don't agree when asked this question. Studies have shown that businesses with plans are no more likely to succeed than businesses without written plans. However, statistically speaking, a budding entrepreneur who actually creates a business plan is more likely to go into business than one who doesn't. So there is that. Our take on business plans is that they can serve as helpful touchstones or guidelines to support your success. They're also powerful for creating clarity of your ultimate vision. We also think short and simple works best. We like the Read more [...]

Vibrational Marketing

What exactly is vibrational marketing? For enquiring business minds who want to know... Vibrational marketing is engaging the power of energetic alignment to create the results you want in your business - to draw in perfect clients to launch successful campaigns to make a lucrative living selling your inventory or services to impact the world the way you dream about. By exercising your ability to focus attention in a way that lines you up with your desire, your results will be more impressive and more reliable than through traditional action-oriented marketing methods alone. Instead of relying on typical selling tactics like strategic pricing, promotion, messaging, packaging, etc., vibrational marketing is about activating Read more [...]

LOA Leaders Award Recipients for 2014

Good Vibe Coach Academy, an international law of attraction coach training organization, is pleased to announce the 2014 Law of Attraction Leaders Award recipients. The Law of Attraction (LOA) Leaders Awards were implemented in 2012 to recognize individuals making a strong impact in the deliberate creator community, either through their channeled work, published books, group programs, public blogs, personal coaching, or speaking events. The top LOA Leaders in each category are determined by emailed votes collected throughout the year from conscious creators across the globe. Voters can submit up to five unique nominations for each category, and can suggest new categories for consideration. The 2014 voting year marked record-breaking Read more [...]

Highest ROI Actions for Success?

What are the actions that give a coach the most bang for the buck in their business? Take this pop quiz and see if you can spot them ... Which of the following activities are most likely to contribute to a coach's business success? (Taken from Jeannette's event log today) Starting day with powerful "I am" statements Breakfast on front porch with dogs & cats Sifting through & responding to email Putting on magick oils Cleaning up spilled magick oils Creating new freebie for webinar Researching topic for new blog post Writing & publishing new blog post Promoting blog post on facebook & pinterest Reading and responding to membership site forum posts Starting new "Business Success Log" journal Random Read more [...]