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Curiosity, A Blessing or A Curse?

Recently I was thinking about my son who asked so many questions growing up that I had to ask him to stop at times, as I would grow weary. It was not that I thought it wasn’t okay for my son to be curious, it was that his energy asking his questions unfortunately seemed to outweigh my energy in answering them. I actually loved the fact that he was so curious about life, as by this second child I had come to learn a lot more about life. I could relate to my son. I have always been naturally curious about life and people.  Especially about the bigger questions like why we are here, where we came from, how to be happy and live a life with meaning and purpose? I remember feeling overwhelmed by these “big” questions that I had growing up. Read more [...]

WTF: What’s the Feeling?

Nancy Barry-Jansson shares an excellent tip for LOA entrepreneurs: When I am working with clients who are distressed about not experiencing what they prefer, it’s relatively easy for me to see what’s going on because I am not emotionally caught up in the experience. (This is just one of the reasons we all benefit from working with teachers, mentors, and/or coaches…they can help us see and navigate issues that we are too close to emotionally.) First thing you have to remember is that: When there is emotional discord, it is a signal that what we are thinking is discordant with the goal we have in mind. Caught in the emotional web, we often cannot see where we are creating discord in our thoughts and feelings. As Einstein said, you Read more [...]

Handling Clients’ Stories

LOA coaches know we get what we focus on, so the essence of our work with clients is helping them redirect their unhelpful focus. Which can be a challenge if our client is strongly committed to telling a negative story. (In fact, even savvy creators sometimes fall into this routine, because they feel it's important for their coach to understand where they're coming from.) So how do you handle it when a client really wants to tell you all the bad stuff that happened? Here's how Abraham does it:   My favorite quotes from the clip: "You've got to stop talking about how things are if you don't like them. And you've got to start talking about how you'd like them to be." "Watch where Read more [...]

On Doing It “Right”

Sometimes we see brilliant coaches surrender their inherent gift for the coaching work they do by "sticking to the script." Somewhere along the line they learned coaching tools or processes that showed them "how to do it right" and they doggedly adhere to the training method they were taught. While we understand coach training is essential and are the first to agree the best coaches are those who study their craft professionally, we're not big fans of relying solely on tools and scripts to elicit your best coaching. Jonathan Fields wrote: ... preparation and intense study is important. But it's equally important to release yourself from the rigid framework of that preparation when it comes time to dance. Read more [...]

Do You Follow Your Own Advice?

Do you do the homework you assign to your clients? Have you ever asked a client to do something you don't do, or wouldn't do? One of the most powerful ways you can be in integrity is by doing the work you assign to a client yourself. It keeps you current. It allows you to understand the tools better by experiencing them personally and through the eyes of your client. Simply put, it makes you a better coach. Listen to internet radio with GVCA Coaching Creators Studio on Blog Talk Radio Read more [...]

People Before Processes

It's easy to be heavily dependent on processes and tools in our coaching work. We learn them. We train to use them. They work. But here's the reality. Sometimes they get in the way. When we get too focused on tools we can lose focus on our clients. Forcing a process can get in the way of really listening. Read more [...]

Get Comfortable With Silence

It's human nature.  We don't like uncomfortable silence.  As coaches we don't like our clients to be uncomfortable at all. So, when the silence happens it's easy, to take a guess, fill in a sentence, or ask a question.  However, the truth often hides there, in the  silent spaces.   We need to get comfortable with the pregnant pause.     Read more [...]

Walk Your Talk

Walking the talk is one of the tenets of successful coaching.  For law of attraction coaches, that means engaging the LOA habits for yourself that you coach others to practice.  If you ask your clients to manage their vibration, make sure you're doing the work to manage your own.  If you ask them to get more deliberate about directing focus, that’s for you to do, too.  We don’t have any business coaching others on deliberate creation when we aren’t practicing it ourselves.  Credibility is attractive, and you're not credible when you're preaching theory but not living the principles.  (Asking your clients to engage something you aren’t living yourself is a wild misalignment.) So Read more [...]

Self Love Sorts It Out

When you’re not sure how best to help your client remedy confusion or overwhelm, or even when you can’t see the next step in your own life, remember the 100% reliable go to vibration to allow solutions is self love. Whether the question at hand is ... should she quit the stressful job or make the best of it?  should he marry the girl or see how things play out? are you better of focusing efforts on product creation or is it time for a vacation?  ... ... regardless the issue, when it seems you’re between a rock and a hard place with no clear answers to engage, there is always this one: resort to being good to yourself.   As you guide your client to activate this vibration or engage it yourself, things Read more [...]

Until We Meet Again

When I was in the beginning stages of building my practice I worked with a coach who told me to imagine my happy clients finishing up their work with me.  She gently reminded me that getting clients is only part of the equation.   Coaching clients and doing great work should be an even greater compenent to what was I trying to create.  It was a great reminder.  That thought in my head, "I need to get clients" that ran over and over again, didn't have nearly as much juice for me as the thought of actually doing the work.  Running that visualization all the way through gave me a lot more juice for my manifesting new clients, because for me the juice is in the work.  Now I visualize my relationship Read more [...]