Anne Bolender

Certified Coach Anne Bolender

We are so pleased  for the privilege of working with Ontario-based coach Anne Bolender in expanding the professional skills and talents she already had upon arrival at Good Vibe Coach Academy.

Anne is an extremely well-polished coach who inspires the rest of us in her ability to commit wholeheartedly to her dreams and goals. She doesn’t back down from challenges, and finds a way to be true to herself along her chosen path. Her excellence shines through in everything she touches!

We believe the world will benefit greatly from Anne’s positive impact and are so excited to see her practice continue to grow and flourish. (Be sure to tune in to her latest work with core values!)

We’re proud to introduce our latest Good Vibe Coach Academy alumni, Anne Bolender. Enjoy this interview with Anne:

Why did you choose coaching?

Coaching is something that I seem to have always naturally gravitated towards. I don’t remember a time in my life or a job that I have had that hasn’t involved informally coaching individuals in one way or another.

My conscious choice to actively pursue coaching was about 3 or 4 years ago. At that time, I started looking at self-employment and the more I looked at various entrepreneurial opportunities, the more I realised that coaching was the perfect fit for my skills, my passions, and for the location independent lifestyle I wanted.

Why did you choose GVCA for training? 

I had taken other coach training programs before registering with the GVCA – I am a Martha Beck trained coach, and a Certified Retirement Coach – so hadn’t been actively looking for another coach training program to take. However …

I had been aware of Jeannette Maw through both the Martha Beck training and the Good Vibe University, and was impressed with her knowledge of both coaching and the Law of Attraction. When I discovered that Jeannette was offering LOA coach training, I couldn’t resist registering into the first module in order to learn more about how I could apply LOA to what I already knew about coaching.

I was so  impressed with that first module that I just kept going right through to the full certification. And I am so glad that I did!! The program provides a unique, thought-provoking approach to coaching that is amazing!

What was the thing about your training you didn’t expect? 

What I didn’t expect with the GVCA program was the ‘hands-on’ supportive approach that Lisa and Jeannette provide for their students. Both Lisa and Jeannette have a way of making students feel welcome and comfortable and fully supported through their entire time in the program – and beyond.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with your training? 

The biggest challenge I faced was trying to find the time to be as involved with both the training process and the community of fellow students as I wanted to be. If I could do this program over again, I would be more aggressive at re-arranging my schedule and freeing up more time to spend exploring both the opportunities that present themselves throughout the program, and the topics that are discussed on the weekly calls.

What is the most rewarding thing about your practice? 

Although I am still very much in the practice building stage, I am already discovering how much fun it is to coach my ideal client and to create a practice that connects deeply with my authentic self. I love that I can develop a practice that allows me to coach the way I want to coach, that my practice does not need to follow traditional coaching models.

I can develop coaching models that allow me to interact with clients in ways that I have fun with and that allow me to share the best of what I have to offer with my clients. I also love that my coaching practice is developing into one that will allow me to create the location independent lifestyle that I dream about.

What advice would you give others who are thinking about becoming a coach?

There are two suggestions I offer anyone who is thinking of becoming a coach:

1. Research the profession. Find out what the day-to-day activities of being a coach are like. Try to get a ‘behind the curtain’ look at the profession, at the entrepreneurial, marketing, technical, and business building skills that successful coaches have in addition to the necessary people skills.

2. Get coached. Experience the coaching relationship from the perspective of a client. Book sessions with a variety of coaches from various coaching schools to experience what the various coaching methods feel like.

What would you tell people about GVCA? 

I am extremely impressed at the way Lisa and Jeannette have been able to develop a coach-training program that offers thought provoking, leading-edge training materials in a community of friendly, interactive, supportive individuals. The community that has developed around Lisa and Jeannette and the GVCA is one that supports individuals while they explore, take risks, make mistakes and develop into unique, experienced coaches with coaching practices that fit their personalities.

What advice do you have for new coaches?

Find a community of like-minded coaches where you feel comfortably supported while you create a coaching practice that fits who you are, what you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve it. And then, once you have found that community, practice failing successfully (learning from your mistakes and modifying what you do based on what you have learned and from feedback that you receive from your community of support) until you have achieved success on your terms. This may take a while, but you will get there.

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