Road Trip Mindset

I live a mere 60 minutes from the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Its a picturesque view from many areas in the city.  I enjoy visiting the mountains, however I am less than enthusiastic about driving through them in the winter.

On a recent road trip, I left the nearly snow-free city in a dense fog, and travelled for 6 hours in variations of heavy snowfall, sleet, rain, complete with icy patches, snow covered lanes and high probability of hydroplaning on my journey.

Throughout the trip I practised mindful breathing and intentional gratitude.  Every time I was presented with less than ideal conditions, I would breathe in deeply and exhale, while purposely feeling the relief of arriving at my destination safe and sound.

In preparation for my return trip,  I really dialled into the pre-paving of my journey.  Having just recently done the trip I could see the route, in reverse.

  • I focused on feeling how easy the drive was,
  • grateful in advance for clear roads,
  • grateful for gentle weather,
  • grateful for the courteous, confident and mindful fellow drivers.

I decided that I couldn’t wait to get on the road, to take in the scenery and arrive home refreshed and relaxed!

Mindset preparation was the critical component for my return trip.   I had more information coming back than going, since I am relatively unfamiliar with the actual route.  Having the experience of a fairly white knuckled drive there, it was easy to find and focus on a better feeling experience for the trip back.

The first half of the trip I engaged my mindful breathing and gratitude and the second half was filled with being able to appreciate seeing ten mountain goats, waterfalls, and blue skies!

And admittedly my favourite was gratefully seeing the majestic mountains in my rear view mirror.

With Gratitude,

Sherry Trentini

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