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Alignment Detox

by: Sherry Trentini www.sherrytrentini.com How many books have you read in the last year?  Last five?  Your lifetime? How many books have you read for the sole purpose of improving or changing your life? How many blogs, e-books, programs or workshops have you consumed for that same intention? Have you been devouring new authors, new books, signing up for online programs all the while open to receiving the next thing. Looking for the one that fits 100%… Looking for the one that puts all the pieces together… The fabulous thing about reading and consuming information delivered by various authors is that the content may be the same or similar, but its their interpretation and delivery of the content that may strike Read more [...]

Every Action Plan Needs This

Some coaches think the most important actions they take are things related to the business like preparing a robust welcome kit, finding a user friendly auto scheduler, incorporating social media, etc. But it's more likely the most valuable actions we take aren't found in traditional marketing plans or business directives.   It may very well be your most important action is attending the summer concert series, or upgrading your wardrobe, or taking your sweetie to the movies. What we're talking about is the importance of having fun - doing whatever you do to enjoy life, your way.   Whether it's dog walking, reading, meeting friends for tea - however you keep your enjoyment factor high is a crucial part of any successful Read more [...]

Do One Thing

Doing something, anything, everyday to build your practice builds momentum.  Momentum is a powerful force.  Making a commitment to forward progress everyday signals the Universe that you have committed.  Once you've committed, the Universe will move all of it's forces and power to support you.  Just remember, action without alignment won't yield the results you're looking for.  So, your most important 'to do' item is always manage your alignment first.  "Alignment and then" is the most powerful formula for success.   Read more [...]