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When The Chickens of Aging Come Home To Roost

By: Thomas Wells It was sometime in my late 20’s, (actually on my 29th birthday), when I started to realize I was aging. It seems almost comical now to think that I would even bother to call it “aging” at that young age. But I guess it was some kind of existential realization that I was no longer going to be “endlessly young”. Finally, I was an “adult”, whatever that was. I remember taking on some sort of added weight, or responsibility, and it was a bit sobering, but no big deal. Since then, my milestones of aging have been many and frequent, always weighing how I was feeling against the number of years I had reached.  These days, in my late 60’s, I feel it’s as if the many chickens of aging have come home Read more [...]

If You’ve Had a Rough Year… This One’s For You

by: Melanie Bates Site: MelanieBates.com This one goes out to a dear friend who battled breast cancer this year. Battled? Hmpffff… She smote it down and pissed on its ruins. And to another who’s dear to me who’s heading in for his final treatment for melanoma that showed up first on his face, and then in his brain. This also goes out to those I love who’ve lost those they love—fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, a child. And this goes out to all who’ve been diagnosed with dis-ease, who’ve ended relationships, who’ve lost jobs, and who’ve battled… Something. Anything. It all started at the end of 2014 when me and my lovely friend, Lisa M. Hayes, were discussing what a crap year we’d both had. We commiserated Read more [...]

When You Want To Be Happy

By: Nikky Dhillon Over the last few years I have honed in my skills of awareness of how I am feeling moment to moment. And one of the things I noticed is that every time I feel low because a friend didn't keep in touch or a loved one didn't respond the way I would have liked or I am just in a funk and feeling low for no reason at all , it is always and always because my soul / higher self is seeking a better connection with source. I know this because if I spend time to strengthen that connection to source by meditating or sitting quietly or offering gratitude then I immediately feel much better and am able to get to the happy place with ease.  Nothing in my reality changes for me to feel differently , I deliberately nurture Read more [...]

Client Clarity

By: Sherry Trentini www.sherrytrentini.com Getting clear on who fills your roster can be one of the biggest impacts in your coaching business. Knowing who your ideal client is the one influencer that affects your career success and fulfillment overall. The more specific the information you can script about who your ideal client is, the clearer you, as a coach, will be on these four key areas in your business. Communication: Your ideal client will know you are talking to them since you have written your webpage copy, blog posts, newsletter, and social media as if you are speaking directly to them. They will connect to your language, your content, your tone. Advertising: Understanding your ideal client makes advertising decisions easier. Read more [...]

When Do You Get Excited?

This weekend I was catching up with a friend.  As I inquired about her job prospects, she mentioned she doesn't get excited until the plane lands.  I thought this was very funny.  I get excited just knowing the plane is coming. This conversation helped me remember the importance of putting energy towards our dreams, as well as enjoying what we have already accomplished.  We need to have a balance of how we live our life, while we pursue our goals.  When you have clearly established your goals and or dreams hold that vision.  I love having pictures or some form of concrete proof of what I'll have in my life.  It is just as important to take notice of the small accomplishments along the way and celebrate them.  The bottom line is, get Read more [...]

What Would Your Future Self Say?

Every January for the past three years I've been writing a letter to my future self. I use a site called FutureMe.org. The site is completely free and has worked without a hiccup. An Exercise in Scripting Writing to yourself, or writing something and acting as though it's already happened, is a process called scripting or Pray Rain journaling. By writing as though something has already happened, you're able to raise your energy level and feel better. For example, if you're in a funk because you haven't been able to find a job, scripting about finding that perfect job and how wonderful it is reminds you that this period is temporary. You will find a job, it will be wonderful, and it will all work out. Letters I Wrote to the Future One of Read more [...]

The 4 Commandments of Launching a Program

I have been seriously pushing my edge as of late. I’m no longer drafting along behind (if you’ve read my Copycat, Copycat blog you’ll know of what I speak, but… essentially it means I’ve stepped out fully on my own.) Pushing edges is damn scary. In fact, I’ve had moments of such utter terror that it’s hard to put into words. (Or to breathe.)  I recently launched a piece of my soul and heart’s work out in to the Big U(niverse) in my Story Shape Shifting & Memoir Writing Group. “Hallelujah, Holy Shit… Where’s the Tylenol?” I’ve felt nauseous with elation and anticipation and, of course, a sprinkling of fear and a whole lot of self-doubt. I’ve also felt moments of such intense connection as I’ve interviewed Read more [...]

Are Your Current Stories Serving You?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been telling a story that doesn’t serve me. At least not any longer. The story is this: I’m a behind-the-scenes type of gal who gets her kicks from supporting others. In other words, I’m not a leader. Evidence: In high school my best friend decided to try out for cheerleading and, being like any other teenage girl, I followed my friends like a good little lemming. I showed up to tryout practice every day with my 80’s hair swept up in a banana clip and yet I. just. wasn’t. getting. it. I’ve blocked out most of this memory, mainly the fact that I looked like Steve Martin in The Jerk trying to snap his fingers, yelling “Grandma, I got it!” when he clearly didn’t have “it” = Read more [...]

Keep Your Eye on the Horizon

This past summer I spent almost two weeks sailing with my family. I’m sure you’re thinking “oh that sounds fun” -  let me repeat… I spent almost 168 hours, on a boat, living, sleeping and using a miniature toilet, all in a confined space with 4 other adult human beings. Okay now you can have a probably more appropriate response. There are a lot of things you can learn being on a boat with the same people for two weeks; personal space is non-existent; do not pick a competitive natured person to be your card game partner when you don’t know how to play the game; jumping off the boat into ice cold saltwater is not a good escape plan; when one person is awake, everyone is awake, and everyone cannot have their coffee at the same Read more [...]

Shape-Shifting Your Story

I have an invitation for you.  But, first… Whether we realize it or not, our lives revolve around stories and have done so since our cave painting days. Picture it: Cave peeps hunkered down around a blazing fire situated in the middle of the dirt floor, gesticulating wildly about the day’s hunt while gnawing on cave lion drumsticks and wiping their greasy fingers on their loincloths.  The Shaman crouches alone in the corner capturing the story with images on the cave wall. We are a people who exists by story. I believe that story is everything. I believe that story shapes us – our past, our present and our future. I believe that story is integral to every aspect of our lives and there isn’t a moment in “time” when we’re Read more [...]