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Embracing the challenge to enjoy

By: Joy Zalzala-Soyka ... against all odds, you just make a decision to go for it. It doesn’t have to be sensible… I am traveling long-term with my family. Our first destination was a small beach town in Thailand and on day three of our trip, I had my arriving moment. The moment that let’s me mentally arrive in a new place and reassures me, everything will be ok. The first days of our trip were filled with so many contrasting impressions and emotions. From being truly happy about a swim at the beach, to being absolutely terrified by palmeto bugs in the bathroom at night. From adoring our kids, to getting into huge fights with them. From loving our temporary home, to realizing many things are inconvenient during low season. So Read more [...]

My Daily Inspiration – My Kids

By: Nikky Dhillon I have been observing my kids for a while now , 6 years for the older one and 22 months for the younger one. And there is no one better to learn from. I have been on this quest for learning like most adults are in this beautiful era of thought transformation. Learning to love my self, learning to be present in the present, learning to find my purpose, learning to have better relationships, learning to deliberately create and most of all learning to be happy. And my kids have been very instrumental in teaching me in each of these areas. If we look at animals and kids carefully , you will observe how they are able to feel happiness and even joy in just being themselves, in just existing. I have seen my kids get up each Read more [...]