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When The Chickens of Aging Come Home To Roost

By: Thomas Wells It was sometime in my late 20’s, (actually on my 29th birthday), when I started to realize I was aging. It seems almost comical now to think that I would even bother to call it “aging” at that young age. But I guess it was some kind of existential realization that I was no longer going to be “endlessly young”. Finally, I was an “adult”, whatever that was. I remember taking on some sort of added weight, or responsibility, and it was a bit sobering, but no big deal. Since then, my milestones of aging have been many and frequent, always weighing how I was feeling against the number of years I had reached.  These days, in my late 60’s, I feel it’s as if the many chickens of aging have come home Read more [...]

When You Want To Be Happy

By: Nikky Dhillon Over the last few years I have honed in my skills of awareness of how I am feeling moment to moment. And one of the things I noticed is that every time I feel low because a friend didn't keep in touch or a loved one didn't respond the way I would have liked or I am just in a funk and feeling low for no reason at all , it is always and always because my soul / higher self is seeking a better connection with source. I know this because if I spend time to strengthen that connection to source by meditating or sitting quietly or offering gratitude then I immediately feel much better and am able to get to the happy place with ease.  Nothing in my reality changes for me to feel differently , I deliberately nurture Read more [...]