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My Rejection Wake-up Call

by: Lisa Cavallaro www.lisacavallaro.com Last month’s response from the Huffington Post wasn’t quite what I’d expected. It was the tenth blog I submitted and a little different from the prior ones they published for me. I couldn’t wait to see the online results. Only thing is I’m still waiting. Yep, the article I was so proud of got a very sweet “we’re going to pass on this one” from Huff Po. So after sitting with the rejection for almost a full month, I decided today would be the day I’d get back on that saddle and ride. Will I just tweak a few things about the article and re-submit? Will I write a whole new article on the same topic? They never answered my request for a more detailed explanation, so I’m Read more [...]

A Story About Love and Miracles

By: Nikky Dhillon There was once a little girl who was very sad. She cried a lot and felt very unloved and unappreciated but what was wonderful about her was she always knew deep down that one day she would receive the love that she wants and craves for so badly. As she grew into a teenager, she fantasized about a prince who would come on a silver horse and rescue her and then love and protect her forever. And then when she was 16 years old, things became really bad for her, her family brokeup, there was stress and emotional turmoil everywhere in her life and through all that mess her Prince showed up. He rescued her on his silver horse and then loved her and protected her forever and ever. That little girl was me , and I met my sweetheart Read more [...]

A Little More Remembering, A Little More Appreciating

By: Thomas Wells Here in Boulder, Colorado, the days are beginning to reach their still goosebumpy arms a bit further out every day onto the rolling sage-covered plains stretching endlessly eastward from where I sit on my late-night, well-worn leather couch..Rolling plains which are just now losing their coats of frozen white as the midday lingers a little longer in recent warmth, as our dear old Grandfather Sun spreads His thin layers of gold leaf on every barren tree and field. And as the earth awakens around me with the first stirrings of Spring's anticipation, I too am awakening from what seems like a long, long slumber...awakening to my role as Creator of everything I know as "my Life"...maker of every day...shaper of what is and Read more [...]

Game-Changing LOA Victory

By Lisa Cavallaro Especially when we don’t realize it, it’s amazing what a lack of doubt can do for our manifesting power. The following story is taken from my book No More Drama—how to make peace with your defiant kid. I tell this story in the book because it goes down in history as the one experience that convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had more abilities that I needed to begin using and that the law of attraction was about to become one of my best friends. In March of 2009, my husband and I were part of a group of over four hundred people invited by one of his vendors to attend the Big East basketball tournament in New York City. Our team won its first two games and was set to play the championship game Saturday Read more [...]

It’s Okay to Be Big, Bitches

By: Melanie Bates http://melaniebates.com I’m having an anxiety attack. Palms sweaty. Breathing in gulps. Dark glob in my solar plexus. Checking Facebook like a freak. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Full Disclaimer: I’ve been drinking coffee for the past eight hours. But still, what’s with all the angst? Well… I just posted the above photo/quote on FB. It all started during a coaching call while I was taking notes on my giant Post-It pad as I’m wont to do. My client said something about getting too big for her britches and I erred and wrote “getting too big for her bitches.” I was in love. What a novel idea. Getting too big for our bitches. I hung up the phone and went and made Read more [...]

Shredding the Past to Make Room for the Future

By:  Sherry Trentini http://www.sherrytrentini.com It has been nearly a year since I’ve had all of my worldly possessions in one place, and out of cardboard boxes. That is not exceptional following a relocation from the other side of the world. Having recently purchased and moved into our new home, it has been a thrill to unpack all that has been contained for many months. And it has been just as thrilling to unpack and purge some of the contents. Of course I thinned things out when we were preparing for the move, however, the one area that I did not go through in detail was old stored documents. Ahhh…..the past. The the tax returns, the receipts, the paper that we are recommended to archive for the magic number of seven years. Many Read more [...]

How to Be Alone

I’m about to get real, folks. Really real. I like to be alone. I’m not simply saying, “I like my alone time.” Nothing puny like that. I’m saying, “I utterly love being alone.” I take a lot of flack for this — from society, from those whom I love, from therapists around the world spouting “connection” and “human interaction”. I have frequent conversations with myself wherein I ask, “Am I normal? Is there something wrong with me?” When I allow myself to buy into society’s spigot of “norms”, I’m pretty certain that I’m whack. Except then I feel that rush of joyful bliss that makes me giggle out loud when I’m all by myself and all of those theories flush right down the drain. The How Make Thanksgiving Read more [...]

Look Around

Do you have an idea what success looks like? What do you think a successful coaching practice looks like? How do you think a successful coach spends their day? If you want a thriving coaching practice and you are not spending your day that way, you are missing out on the power of acting as if, and that's a lot of power to leave on the table. Read more [...]

The Value of Coaching

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt completely and utterly alone. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but the reality is, most of us have been there once or twice. That feeling is paralyzing. It's consuming. It's horrible. If you've ever been there, terrified and feeling completely alone, how much money would you have paid not to feel that way? Seriously, how much money? Whatever you would have paid, that is the value of coaching. Read more [...]