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A Little More Remembering, A Little More Appreciating

By: Thomas Wells Here in Boulder, Colorado, the days are beginning to reach their still goosebumpy arms a bit further out every day onto the rolling sage-covered plains stretching endlessly eastward from where I sit on my late-night, well-worn leather couch..Rolling plains which are just now losing their coats of frozen white as the midday lingers a little longer in recent warmth, as our dear old Grandfather Sun spreads His thin layers of gold leaf on every barren tree and field. And as the earth awakens around me with the first stirrings of Spring's anticipation, I too am awakening from what seems like a long, long slumber...awakening to my role as Creator of everything I know as "my Life"...maker of every day...shaper of what is and Read more [...]

If You’ve Had a Rough Year… This One’s For You

by: Melanie Bates Site: MelanieBates.com This one goes out to a dear friend who battled breast cancer this year. Battled? Hmpffff… She smote it down and pissed on its ruins. And to another who’s dear to me who’s heading in for his final treatment for melanoma that showed up first on his face, and then in his brain. This also goes out to those I love who’ve lost those they love—fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, a child. And this goes out to all who’ve been diagnosed with dis-ease, who’ve ended relationships, who’ve lost jobs, and who’ve battled… Something. Anything. It all started at the end of 2014 when me and my lovely friend, Lisa M. Hayes, were discussing what a crap year we’d both had. We commiserated Read more [...]

How to Be Alone

I’m about to get real, folks. Really real. I like to be alone. I’m not simply saying, “I like my alone time.” Nothing puny like that. I’m saying, “I utterly love being alone.” I take a lot of flack for this — from society, from those whom I love, from therapists around the world spouting “connection” and “human interaction”. I have frequent conversations with myself wherein I ask, “Am I normal? Is there something wrong with me?” When I allow myself to buy into society’s spigot of “norms”, I’m pretty certain that I’m whack. Except then I feel that rush of joyful bliss that makes me giggle out loud when I’m all by myself and all of those theories flush right down the drain. The How Make Thanksgiving Read more [...]

How Easy Can it Feel?

Words from my father, and probably everyone else's father also,   “If it’s worth having it’s worth working for.” This of course implying anything wonderful is hard work, so get in there and work your ass off. I once worked with a coach who called me on a habit I used to have.  I often referred to myself as lazy.  Let’s face it.  I like my naps.  I’m not really a morning person.  Frankly a 9-5 work schedule doesn’t suit me.  In the traditional view of a work ethic, it might appear I am lazy.  However, I’m not.   I recently did an exercise that made me take stock of what I really do in a day for my practice.  It was a lot. When I saw Read more [...]

Top Three Website Fixes

Your website is by far your most important advertisement.  More people look to Google than any other source when looking to hire or make a purchase.    If you’ve done your search engine optimization, played your cards right, and the stars are aligned, your potential client will find you when they look.  However, if your website makes a poor presentation they may not look past it to hire you. Below are the top three most common website mistakes. Content that is not up to date.   Search engines do not favor static content.  Google particularly likes fresh content and that’s a big consideration.   However, even more important is making sure your website isn’t still promoting your workshop from February, 2011.   Outdated Read more [...]

Public Relations Manager for God

My husband jokingly says I'm a thought salesperson. He's not all that far off. He laughingly talks about me being somewhat like the saleslady at Macy's that stalks around the dressing room encouraging you to try on just one more thing until you found something perfect. He thinks I peddle thoughts like that. My mother recently said I am like a Public Relations Manger for God. I really like that! She's also somewhat accurate. A big part of my job is helping my clients see the circumstances in their lives, no matter how challenging, as a blessed event. Perspective is everything. It's also very fluid. Most people don't know just how fluid it is. As an LOA Coach a big part of our job is helping people shift their perspective Read more [...]

Do You Follow Your Own Advice?

Do you do the homework you assign to your clients? Have you ever asked a client to do something you don't do, or wouldn't do? One of the most powerful ways you can be in integrity is by doing the work you assign to a client yourself. It keeps you current. It allows you to understand the tools better by experiencing them personally and through the eyes of your client. Simply put, it makes you a better coach. Listen to internet radio with GVCA Coaching Creators Studio on Blog Talk Radio Read more [...]

Look Around

Do you have an idea what success looks like? What do you think a successful coaching practice looks like? How do you think a successful coach spends their day? If you want a thriving coaching practice and you are not spending your day that way, you are missing out on the power of acting as if, and that's a lot of power to leave on the table. Read more [...]

The Value of Coaching

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt completely and utterly alone. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but the reality is, most of us have been there once or twice. That feeling is paralyzing. It's consuming. It's horrible. If you've ever been there, terrified and feeling completely alone, how much money would you have paid not to feel that way? Seriously, how much money? Whatever you would have paid, that is the value of coaching. Read more [...]

Get Out of Your Own Way

When you think of coaching what comes to mind? Are you a professional coach or a "coach hobbyist"? Do you feeling like coaching is a high level profession like being a CPA, an attorney, or a Doctor? If you don't, you should, and you need to listen to this interview with Michele Woodward about the real deal of being a coach and building a business. Read more [...]