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Road Trip Mindset

I live a mere 60 minutes from the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Its a picturesque view from many areas in the city.  I enjoy visiting the mountains, however I am less than enthusiastic about driving through them in the winter. On a recent road trip, I left the nearly snow-free city in a dense fog, and travelled for 6 hours in variations of heavy snowfall, sleet, rain, complete with icy patches, snow covered lanes and high probability of hydroplaning on my journey. Throughout the trip I practised mindful breathing and intentional gratitude.  Every time I was presented with less than ideal conditions, I would breathe in deeply and exhale, while purposely feeling the relief of arriving at my destination safe and sound. In preparation for Read more [...]

A Story About Love and Miracles

By: Nikky Dhillon There was once a little girl who was very sad. She cried a lot and felt very unloved and unappreciated but what was wonderful about her was she always knew deep down that one day she would receive the love that she wants and craves for so badly. As she grew into a teenager, she fantasized about a prince who would come on a silver horse and rescue her and then love and protect her forever. And then when she was 16 years old, things became really bad for her, her family brokeup, there was stress and emotional turmoil everywhere in her life and through all that mess her Prince showed up. He rescued her on his silver horse and then loved her and protected her forever and ever. That little girl was me , and I met my sweetheart Read more [...]

A Little More Remembering, A Little More Appreciating

By: Thomas Wells Here in Boulder, Colorado, the days are beginning to reach their still goosebumpy arms a bit further out every day onto the rolling sage-covered plains stretching endlessly eastward from where I sit on my late-night, well-worn leather couch..Rolling plains which are just now losing their coats of frozen white as the midday lingers a little longer in recent warmth, as our dear old Grandfather Sun spreads His thin layers of gold leaf on every barren tree and field. And as the earth awakens around me with the first stirrings of Spring's anticipation, I too am awakening from what seems like a long, long slumber...awakening to my role as Creator of everything I know as "my Life"...maker of every day...shaper of what is and Read more [...]

Reflections of 2015

By: Sherry Trentini Admittedly at this time of year my attention is more on what I can let go of rather than what want to accumulate. With my birthday and Christmas within 7 days, its a lot of receiving from others in a short span versus the calendar year. I value letting thoughts and things go in my own life, and I value helping others do the same. It is my thing, my wheelhouse, my alignment to creating space in life.  When I reflect on this past year of being a coach, doing my thing, helping others I noticed there are definitely some items I’m keen to keep, some to make peace with and release. Keep Doing what I’m doing: This calendar year has been plump with starts and pauses (not stops).As I reflect on the overall year Read more [...]

Mama Meltdown: Intentionally get your train BACK on track

Have you seen this Pinterest compilation or heard of this website where parents post pictures of why their kids are crying? It is effing hilarious. You know…except for when you are knee deep in it yourself, right? I could see the writing on the wall when my husband commented on our terrific two-year old daughter’s whining nearly the moment they walked in the door tonight. Hmmm, I wonder what happened on the car ride home, I think to myself. She was testing us in all the usual ways- wanting her binkie (our rule: “binkie is for bed time”), taunting her older brother with pet names we all know he doesn’t like, and of course the classic: I want what bubba has (she suddenly didn’t like her purple lip balm- she wanted her brother’s Read more [...]

Handling Rejection the LOA Savvy Way: What to do when you are Someone’s Hell No

By: Jamie Goins When faced with indecision, one of my favorite deliberate creators once shared with me that if something isn’t a strongly resonating “hell yes” for her, then the answer is “hell no!” This was a great way to overcome indecision because in terms of deliberate creation, you want everything you do to feel good. If it doesn’t feel good, it is not bringing you closer to your desires. I loved it. This was perfect! But what happens when it isn’t you deciding? What happens when you become someone else’s “hell no?” When someone says no to you or something you have requested or desired has been denied, turned down or rejected, the average person doesn’t feel great in that moment. No, most of us would feel Read more [...]

What I Learnt About Myself from Experiencing Contrast in Friendships

By: Nikky Dhillon I am a peoples person, I value the people I have in my life. I nurture connections and I can appreciate the various characteristics that exist in other people that show up in their beliefs, their thoughts and their behaviors.  But I feel since I started my journey with the Law of attraction and made my connection with source the most important thing for me , I have lost a few precious friends along the way. Recently I lost some friends and was very upset, trying to reflect what went wrong. What I discovered was that every time I had a huge jump in my vibration which coincided with me learning a new process, be it meditation or PRJing or Chakra healing, I have lost some friends in the process.  Some have called me arrogant, Read more [...]

Client Clarity

By: Sherry Trentini www.sherrytrentini.com Getting clear on who fills your roster can be one of the biggest impacts in your coaching business. Knowing who your ideal client is the one influencer that affects your career success and fulfillment overall. The more specific the information you can script about who your ideal client is, the clearer you, as a coach, will be on these four key areas in your business. Communication: Your ideal client will know you are talking to them since you have written your webpage copy, blog posts, newsletter, and social media as if you are speaking directly to them. They will connect to your language, your content, your tone. Advertising: Understanding your ideal client makes advertising decisions easier. Read more [...]

Review of Joe Dispenza Workshop

This month my husband and I travelled from Sydney to Melbourne to attend the Progressive workshop on Meditation and Quantum physics by Dr Joe Dispenza. This is my review and experience of that workshop. Firstly I have been practicing the principles of Law of attraction and Abrahams work for many years now. And I had an asking to add another tool to the various processes that I was following to align myself to source. And what I learnt in this workshop was exactly that and much more. Dr Joe Dispenza teaches a certain type of meditation in his workshop that uses Quantum mechanics and our energy field. What is interesting is that he teaches the science behind what Abraham talks about. Like he teaches we can stop re- living our past Read more [...]

5 Truthful Tips on Waiting for Acceptance from Others

By: Melanie Bates http://melaniebates.com/ I’m sitting outside my creative writing professor’s office. Waiting. I’ve been here every Wednesday for the past eight weeks during his office hours. Waiting. You see, last semester, for the first time in eleven years I shared a portion of my novel with another living being. Let me tell you, that wasn’t easy. I haven’t shared my novel with a.n.y.o.n.e. Period. Ever. But with the coaxing of some very dear friends I found my courage, buried somewhere in the trash bin of my mind under some broken eggshells and a couple used ketchup packets, and just did it. This professor was supposed to read sixty pages of my novel and offer feedback and a critique. As he had hundreds of other Read more [...]