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A Story About Love and Miracles

By: Nikky Dhillon There was once a little girl who was very sad. She cried a lot and felt very unloved and unappreciated but what was wonderful about her was she always knew deep down that one day she would receive the love that she wants and craves for so badly. As she grew into a teenager, she fantasized about a prince who would come on a silver horse and rescue her and then love and protect her forever. And then when she was 16 years old, things became really bad for her, her family brokeup, there was stress and emotional turmoil everywhere in her life and through all that mess her Prince showed up. He rescued her on his silver horse and then loved her and protected her forever and ever. That little girl was me , and I met my sweetheart Read more [...]

Love It Up, Coaches

Yes, we’re all about easy and fun and allowing the magic. We know we're in our highest power when we harness Universal power to manifest our biggest dreams for our coaching work. But remember that your business won’t grow without you.  Without your love and TLC and passion and attention and nurturing, your coaching practice is missing a key ingredient for its success. If you’re not giving your business, your audience and your prospects the love every day, don’t be surprised if they don’t thrive. People want to work with those who love their work.  Would you be happy to hire someone who wasn’t excited about the project?  Or someone who was absent from the core functions of their business?  Read more [...]