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Road Trip Mindset

I live a mere 60 minutes from the majestic Rocky Mountains.  Its a picturesque view from many areas in the city.  I enjoy visiting the mountains, however I am less than enthusiastic about driving through them in the winter. On a recent road trip, I left the nearly snow-free city in a dense fog, and travelled for 6 hours in variations of heavy snowfall, sleet, rain, complete with icy patches, snow covered lanes and high probability of hydroplaning on my journey. Throughout the trip I practised mindful breathing and intentional gratitude.  Every time I was presented with less than ideal conditions, I would breathe in deeply and exhale, while purposely feeling the relief of arriving at my destination safe and sound. In preparation for Read more [...]

Notes from a fledgling coach… on relationship healing

By Nina Gough-Cooper    I'm brand new to GVCA but over the years I've become quite masterful in the area of relationship healing in my own life and it's an area I'd like to expand into my coaching practice to assist others with. There's a certain alchemy involved in the process of changing one's mind, one's inner landscape, and seeing the transformation in one's outer world. It is priceless. Specifically in the area of relationship, I can use the example of my marriage: on many occasions over the years when we have had disagreements, these incidences have led me to desire so strongly to heal the differences between us, that I have stopped at nothing to 'change my mind' in order to restore peace, harmony and togetherness. In fact, Read more [...]

Law of Attraction Role in Life

Today I will tell you an amazing story of how law of attraction plays out in our lives and that there is no outside force to us that controls what happens to us. As you know the universe/ god / source only responds to what we activate in our vibration via our thoughts and feelings ( LOA 101).  So in 2010 my husband and I along with our son moved to Sydney, Australia from India . That's another story for another day. Anyway we moved on a work visa that my husbands employer had sponsored. We, however, wanted to become permanent residents here as soon as we were eligible as that would mean that if hubby dear was to lose his job we won't have to go back to India . Now we were eligible to apply for this PR as soon as we completed two years Read more [...]

It’s Okay to Be Big, Bitches

By: Melanie Bates http://melaniebates.com I’m having an anxiety attack. Palms sweaty. Breathing in gulps. Dark glob in my solar plexus. Checking Facebook like a freak. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Full Disclaimer: I’ve been drinking coffee for the past eight hours. But still, what’s with all the angst? Well… I just posted the above photo/quote on FB. It all started during a coaching call while I was taking notes on my giant Post-It pad as I’m wont to do. My client said something about getting too big for her britches and I erred and wrote “getting too big for her bitches.” I was in love. What a novel idea. Getting too big for our bitches. I hung up the phone and went and made Read more [...]

5 Truthful Tips on Waiting for Acceptance from Others

By: Melanie Bates http://melaniebates.com/ I’m sitting outside my creative writing professor’s office. Waiting. I’ve been here every Wednesday for the past eight weeks during his office hours. Waiting. You see, last semester, for the first time in eleven years I shared a portion of my novel with another living being. Let me tell you, that wasn’t easy. I haven’t shared my novel with a.n.y.o.n.e. Period. Ever. But with the coaxing of some very dear friends I found my courage, buried somewhere in the trash bin of my mind under some broken eggshells and a couple used ketchup packets, and just did it. This professor was supposed to read sixty pages of my novel and offer feedback and a critique. As he had hundreds of other Read more [...]

Inside the coaching practice: How to get a job with ease.

By: Joy Zalzala-Soyka http://sandstepcoaching.com/ If you think finding a job is hard, how about letting the job offers come to you?  Well, that’s how I prefer it, and that’s how many of my clients get to experience it. Today I offer you two examples from my coaching practice, to show you it’s possible in many forms. My client Sami was fed up with job applications: “I wish I didn’t have to do anything, and a job would show up for me!” she said.  “Do you think it’s possible for that to happen?” I ask. She hesitates for a moment and then says “Maybe. Sometimes these things happen.”  “I believe so too. You have to believe in yourself and your qualities so it can happen to you.”  Her homework that day was Read more [...]


By: Nikki Davis "There's a trick to the Graceful Exit. It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, a relationship is over - and to let go. It means leaving what's over without denying its value." ~ Ellen Goodman   Exiting a relationship with grace seems like an oxymoron. The very nature of leaving a relationship implies a rejection of some sort and a business relationship is no different. So how do you leave a professional relationship gracefully while still wanting to keep testimonials for work well done, referrals, etc? I can't guarantee the latter BUT I can help you with the first part. Like Ellen Goodman from the quote above, the first step is to recognize that it is unequivocally over. Oftentimes, Read more [...]

When Do You Get Excited?

This weekend I was catching up with a friend.  As I inquired about her job prospects, she mentioned she doesn't get excited until the plane lands.  I thought this was very funny.  I get excited just knowing the plane is coming. This conversation helped me remember the importance of putting energy towards our dreams, as well as enjoying what we have already accomplished.  We need to have a balance of how we live our life, while we pursue our goals.  When you have clearly established your goals and or dreams hold that vision.  I love having pictures or some form of concrete proof of what I'll have in my life.  It is just as important to take notice of the small accomplishments along the way and celebrate them.  The bottom line is, get Read more [...]

Do You Believe in Magic?

By: Anne Bolender There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in our philosophy. - Shakespeare’s Hamlet  When I was very young, I used to love watching TV shows like ‘Bewitched’ and ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. Oh, to be able to change my reality by twitching my nose or blinking my eyes or waving my hands! That would be awesome!!! I dreamed of blinking away the bad days. Of waving my hands and being magically transported to great adventures anywhere I wanted, anytime I wanted. I dreamed of twitching my nose and becoming rich and famous and brilliant and beautiful. The things I would do if only I could change my reality as easily as Samantha or Jeannie changed theirs. For decades I believed that Read more [...]