Do You Know for Sure Who Your Ideal Client Is?

I have a muse…
Ellie is 35. She’s highly creative. Ellie has a job where she uses that creativity. She is a Mac not a PC. She is a heavy technology user. Ellie makes $75,000 a year. She lives in or near a large metropolitan area. She is involved in the arts, loves music and attends concerts often. Ellie is aware of her impact on the environment and minimizes it as much as is reasonable. She is a vegetarian. She spends more money to get organic when available. Ellie is spiritual. She is very familiar with deliberate creation principals. She is open minded. She practices yoga and spends a lot of time in nature. Ellie is close to her family and has solid friendships. She has pets. She has ties to her community through volunteerism, charity, or sharing her skills through teaching or instructing. Ellie is smart.

Most importantly, Ellie is ready. She’s deeply unsatisfied with some part of her life and she’s ready now. She’s at a place where change is eminent. She is done with the same old, same old. Ellie is prime for change.

Ellie is my girl. When I am crafting any offer, or my marketing language, or writing a blog post I write to her. Although I’ve never met her, she is my imaginary ideal client. 95% of my clients are at least 85% her. The rest of my clients are people that Ellie would know.

Ellie makes my process around client attraction super easy because I know who she is and how to talk to her. She would be able to relate to me and I easily relate to her. My relationship with my muse is the fast track to my marketing success.

Even if you haven’t identified your niche, it still helps to have an ideal client muse. Notice, when it comes to Ellie, I didn’t say she was married or single. I didn’t say she was having issues with money. I didn’t talk about her health or weight. So, my muse doesn’t necessarily identify a niche.

So, who is your muse??
What do you know about your ideal client? Can you see your client in the kind of detail that you know how to talk to them?

If not, get busy, get creative, and start a relationship with your new imaginary business partner.


Got Questions???

We are still in the process of interviewing experts for business building. Holy Hannah! This has been a blast.

As we are talking to the big brains of business building we are bringing a wide variety of experts with different specialties. However, we want to know what you want to hear. So, if there is a specific topic you’re interested in getting more info about, please let us know, so we can line someone up. We have a specific plan for the curriculum, however there is some flexibility with the expert schedules. If you’ve got something you want to hear, let us know and we’ll work to get you the info you’re looking for.

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