Why Good Vibe Coach Academy?

Good Vibe Coach Academy is based on the principles of conscious creation.  Law of Attraction is the foundation every step of the way.  Why?  Because we know that’s what makes the difference.  Good Vibe Coach Academy provides a flexible and supportive learning environment and community where you can learn your craft, practice your skills, and develop a plan to grow your business.  Our program from start to finish is intended to insure you have all the tools you need, not just to coach, but to be a highly successful coach.


Do you have to get certified to be a coach?

Certification is not required in order to do business as a coach.  For many coaches, though, it’s helpful for feeling truly ready and to align with success as a coach.  There is no state or country that regulates the coaching industry.   As Law of Attraction Coaches, we know that doing what feels best is what really matters.  For many coaches, getting the training and the support offered in a certification program feels empowering.  It can grow your confidence and make it easier to know your value as a coach.


Are you ICF accredited?

No, we are not accredited by the International Coach Federation, and that is by design.  The ICF has a standard for accreditation that is not in alignment with several of our core competencies.  Although we value the work the ICF has done on behalf of the coaching industry, we do not share a complete vision of what coaching should be based on their modalities.  Several other coach training programs have also opted out of ICF accreditation for the same reasons.  As previously stated, there are no regulations requiring a specific type of certification or designation to practice as a coach.  We recommend finding a program that’s in alignment with your values and pursuing training from that compass point.


When can I start the program?

You can start your studies with Good Vibe Coach Academy at any time.  The core lessons of our program are pre-recorded and delivered via email.  The weekly live calls you'll be eligible to join immediately.


Is it all delivered by audio recording?

While the modules are delivered via audio recordings at your preferred pace, we do conduct live calls every week that all our coaches are invited to join.  (Students are not required to attend the calls live, but are asked to listen to the Q&A recordings.)  One weekly call is Q&A based; the other is to practice your coach skills.


How long does it take to get certified?

There are 49 recorded lessons plus a six to eight week internship.  Most students average one lesson per week.  However, the program is self paced, so it’s really up to you.  Although it takes an average of between twelve and eighteen months for most to finish the program, many of our students start their coaching practice during the program.  You do not need to complete all the lessons in order to start coaching.


What kind of time commitment should I expect each week?

There are two hours of live student calls each week.  The Q&A calls are recorded so students who don't participate live are able to listen later.   We suggest planning for one to two hours a week to listen to your lessons and do homework assignments.  Additionally, you may want to invest at least an hour a week in practicing with a buddy coach or in an actual client environment.  That said, you get to decide what works for you.  As long as you are meeting the course requirements and proficiency benchmarks, you can decide how you want to manage your time in the program.


Do you offer a money-back guarantee or a refund?

No.  Good Vibe Coach Academy has a limit on the number of students enrolled at any given time.  Due to the time commitments we make to our students and in consideration of others who may be waiting to enroll, we do not offer refunds.  If you begin the program and for some unforeseen reason are unable to participate, we will grant a leave of absence based on a review of your circumstances and you can pick up your studies again when ready.


Do I have to take the whole program?

No, you can pick and choose which modules you want and in which order.   The program was intentionally structured so you could dive in, get what you need and get rolling.  Not everyone is interested in certification and we're happy to support you however that best works.  All of our students are equally valued.


Do you offer payment plans for tuition?

We do offer payment plans for students who sign up for the whole program.  We require a $1000 deposit and the rest can be paid in monthly installments.  We do not offer payments on individual modules.


What else should I know about Good Vibe Coach Academy?

Good Vibe Coach Academy is not a quick path to certification.  To be honest, we may require more from our students than any program on the market.  We aren’t selling a “five week to certification” piece of paper.  We are not a good fit for everyone, and not everyone will be accepted in our full certification program.  However, we invest just as much in our students as they do in the program.  This is life changing work.  We are confident our programs delivers everything you need to be a rockin’ success.

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