Law of Attraction

This module is the primer for all the material that follows and is a prerequisite for all other courses.

When you invest in any of the other courses, this one is complimentary because we feel that strongly about ensuring we're on the same page, speaking the same language, with the same understanding of your power to create.

This course covers the principles of deliberate creation, including what it is, why it works, the heavyweights contributing to common understanding, quantum physics for laypeople, manifesting techniques, deliberate creation practices, and more.

You’ll learn about alignment – why it matters and how to achieve it; the role of action in conscious creation; how to recognize and encourage inspiration; as well as how manifesting exercises fit into a deliberate creation routine.

This course is designed to ensure you have a full working knowledge of your profound creative powers.  For those who already have a strong background in law of attraction this will be how we sync up our languaging and thought processes.  For those who are new to manifesting, you'll find this a thorough review of all you need to know to embrace your creative powers.

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