Our Mission

Our mission: to forge rockin' coaches!

Here's how we do that: Good Vibe Coaching Academy fuels our coaches with the juice of success.  Our training is centered on activating your creative powers to manifest the success you choose - for you, your clients, and your business.

*Founded on the principles of the power of thought and vibration; based on real world experience of coaches with diverse training, backgrounds and experience; we lead you through a first class coach training program to give you the confidence, skills, tools and best practices to be a thriving rockin' successful coach.

*We believe the skill set for changing the lives of your clients is wide and deep. Masterful coaches make it look easy, and that's what we want it to be for you.

*We're not talking about formula coaching from worksheets, scripts, or pre-determined questions. We're talking about out of the box coaching that creates lasting change for our clients and resonates through all aspects of their lives.

This program requires commitment from its students, which we match in kind. We know it's a significant investment of time and money, and also know that it is a fully worthy investment - to help you tap in to your voice as a coach and do your life’s work. You'll learn skills to create professional success and enjoy the process. Not our way, but your way, with our experience behind you.

We know we aren’t for everyone and encourage you to check out all your options. 
We’ll give you all our best stuff, set you on a course for success, and support you on that journey. Will you make a fortune coaching? We don’t know, but you will have the best tools for your highest success. 
What sets us apart:Good Vibe Coaching Academy isn’t one person’s version of coaching expertise or theory. We bring to the table the experience of highly successful, working coaches, with access to the wisdom of many more. It is that range of experience and diversity that sets Good Vibe Coaching Academy apart.

Knowledge is power. Experience is priceless. We offer you both.

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