How to know if Good Vibe Coaching Academy is for you:

If you’ve been thinking about coaching as a profession, but haven’t found the right fit for a training program, you may very well be looking for Good Vibe Coaching Academy.

If you’ve coached for a while but struggle to bring in enough business, our Business Building module can make the difference to your success.

If you’re working full time as a coach but aren’t enjoying your practice, we’ll help you reconnect with the joy that originally called you to this profession.
If you’re working as a coach but your clients aren’t getting great results, our Coaching Philosophy module will lead you to more powerful sessions and more impactful work.

We’ve watched many answer the call to become a coach but eventually give up because the struggle to make it work becomes too painful. That doesn’t have to be the case. We are living proof! 

The difference between our experience and that of many other coaches isn’t good luck, helpful connections or some other random factor. The difference is a consistent integration of the principles of deliberate creation. It makes success accessible – for you and our clients. If that’s something you want to create, this program was literally made for you. 

Good Vibe Coaching Academy is all about helping you experience your version of ultimate success as a coach. If this resonates, your next step is to start with the module that lights you up most. You only need to complete the formal application if your ultimate goal is certification. 

Join Good Vibe Coach Academy for FREE.

Law of Attraction Basics is yours at no cost. 

Five hours of supervised training
plus a badge for completion is yours at no cost.

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Here’s how it works:

Each module is a stand alone product. You can do them all or just one.

Classes are delivered digitally. You get them when you’re ready. You can start now.

Almost every class has a homework assignment to be submitted before moving onto the next class.

How do I pay?

Good Vibe Coach Academy wants the signing up to feel oh so good.

That is why we are happy to offer no interest payment plans starting as low as $222 a month for the Complete Package.

You can either pay for your program or modules in full or take us up on the financing option. Either way works.

What else do you get?

Weekly roundtable group calls packed full of even more juicy coaching content.

Practice calls with real clients and super supportive supervision.

A group forum where you can connect with your fellow students and get your questions answered.

You take classes at your pace. We request that you submit each homework assignment before moving on to the next class.  Here's a rundown of each module:

Law of Attraction Foundation - $195

(added as free bonus when another module is purchased)

In this first module we cover the principles of deliberate creation, including what it is, why it works, the heavyweights contributing to common understanding, quantum physics for laypeople, manifesting techniques and methods, and more.

You'll learn about alignment - why it matters and how to achieve it; the role of action in conscious creation; how to recognize and encourage inspiration; as well as how manifesting exercises fit into a deliberate creation routine.

This course is designed to ensure you have a full working knowledge of your profound creative powers. (When you buy any other module, you automatically get a complimentary copy of LOA Foundation.)

Coaching Philosophy - $995

While coaching comes naturally to some, there are crucial skills to making the most of a coach-client relationship that aren’t necessarily intuitive. With this course you will grow your skills and confidence about how to best share your personal gifts as a coach.

This module is based on the coaching philosophy of Identify Shifting, and focuses on six primary areas for coaching clients. Those primary focuses include self love for highest alignment; managing the past in our present experience; vibration management skills; embracing responsibility; the role of action in deliberate creation; and the art of getting happy.

We also cover the 10 tool treasure chest for law of attraction coaches and the 10 tenets of the Good Vibe Coach.

LOA Business Building - $1495

Even brilliant coaches can find themselves struggling to make a good living. This module focuses on allowing financial and professional success while doing what you love, based on what we’ve learned works and what doesn’t.

You'll learn effortless, enjoyable and authentic client attraction methods, designing your ideal practice through your clear and unique vision; maintaining your energetic alignment to success before it arrives, nuts and bolts guidance for whether (and how) to choose a niche, setting your rates, and best practices for operating your business (intake procedures, billing and charging systems, etc.).

We focus on alternative marketing techniques and vibration management strategies for growing a business, but also cover specific marketing topics that many coaches struggle with including website development, copywriting, search engine optimization, social media, list building, and more. All under the umbrella of what really matters: the heart of vibrational marketing. We practice what we preach and teach you to do the same.

Mentorship - $2495

(scheduled individually)

The most intimate, intensive support we’ve ever offered to other coaches who are ready to thrive. This one-on-one investment in your practice will ensure that you are bringing theory to real world practice in building your successful vision for your coaching practice.

We'll identify and close any gaps that are keeping you from your professional success and ensure your practices are supporting your highest intentions.

This is only available to those who have invested in either the Coaching Skills or Business Building modules (or both), and is scheduled individually. This piece is required for certification and involves 6-8 weeks of one on one phone support with the founders of Good Vibe Coach Academy.

The Complete Package - $3995

(save with the Whole Enchilada)

If you are already saying “It’s too delicious to choose – I want it all!” then this one's for you. It's also the only option that qualifies you to apply for Good Vibe Coaching Academy Certification.

It includes LOA Foundation, Coaching Philosophy, Business Building and Mentorship.  You'll save over $700 when you purchase this option versus investing in the modules separately.

The ball is in your court. If you have questions, we'd love to chat with you . If it feels like a go, honor your guidance about where to start and make your purchase using the Buy Now buttons next to the module description.

Thank you for allowing us to support your highest success!

To get started on any package, email us, and we'll get you enrolled and rolling.

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