Student in Good Standing and Graduation Requirements

  The following requirements must be met to maintain active participant status in Good Vibe Coach Academy.
  • You must submit homework at least once every three weeks.
  • You must submit a written blog post for publication on the GVCA blog at a minimum monthly.
  • You must either participate in the Friday call or listen to them in archives. If you are an archive listener, you must submit a written summary of your call notes.
  • All payments and tuition must be paid as agreed. Students who are on monthly arrangements must make their tuition payments by the fifth of each month.
  • In the event that you do not maintain student in good standing status, there will be a $100 re-admission fee.

  • Graduation requirements:
  • You must complete all GVCA class materials for modules you signed up for.
  • You must complete coaching hours and submit session notes for that time.
  • a. Coaching Philosophy only - 20 hours

    b. Full Program or Certification Fast Track - 80 hours

    ( Coaching on the Supervised Student Coaching Tuesday calls counts as 1 hour and session notes for those calls are not required. ) 3. Full Program or Certification Fast Track graduations must complete the following:
  • Coaching Dissertation on a coaching topic of your choice, minimum 10 pages.
  • Program presentation to the GVCA student group or an instructor reviewed program within your own practice
  • A panel interview
  • All Full Program, Certification Fast Track, and Coaching Philosophy students must submit three recorded coaching calls for instructor review.
  • Any student who has completed requirements for certification must submit a bio and a professionally taken photo for certification documents to be issued.

    After you finish your last lesson, you will have 90 days to complete all requirements for certification, including internship. The only exception to that rule is if we have to make scheduling adjustments for your internship calls due to student volume. If you do not complete the program in the 90 days allowed, you will be considered inactive. There will be a $500 readmission fee to continue your certification.

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