You'll find our core training modules over here, but we offer other ways to support coaches growing their businesses and enhancing their skills: Our blog!  Lots of juicy topics addressed there. Our radio show!  Without taking ourselves too seriously, we discuss all angles of a coaching business with a practical LOA perspective. Our ebooks (listed below)!  We've got a couple ways you can get impactful material to make all the difference in your coaching success:  

gvca ninja moves coverLOA Ninja Moves

Lisa and Jeannette share their best LOA tips for coaches on how to fill your practice and make good money in this three call digital product. Notes are included in the form of a short ebook, but the main content is the three audio recordings where you will hear:
  • 5 LOA Ninja Moves to build a thriving practice
  • Why ignoring the energy is a hazard to your business
  • Where success really begins (it's not in your business plan)
  • How you might be using your conjuring power to your detriment - without even knowing it
  • How to speak your way to success
  • Jeannette's magic spell for building a full practice in 3 months
  • How your environment may be holding you back (& easy tweaks to change it)
  • The role of action in a smart coach's business plan
  • Overcoming the most common blocks to relying on inspiration
  • What your business can't do for you & what you MUST do yourself to create success
  • Lisa & Jeannette's personal manifesting processes for getting clients & making money.
Whether you're a new coach just starting out or one who's been trying to make this gig work for a while, LOA Ninja Moves offers what we believe are the real keys to creating monetary success in your business. Our 27 page ebook with three audio recordings is available for immediate download and highly recommended for all coaches interested in enhancing their financial success. Learn more about the LOA Ninja Moves digital package here.

Download now for just $37


Social Media for Coaches

Social Media for Coaches

This is not just another social media course!  Social media is different for coaches than it is for other businesses. For coaches social media can be a coaching tool, a way to build intimacy in a coaching relationship, a way to retain lifelong customers through organic contact, and the keys to the marketing kingdom, all in one. Notice we said can be. Because if you're doing social media by following the traditional "rules" like every other business, listening to the gurus selling online hype and paint-by-numbers plans, chances are you aren't getting back everything you're investing in social media for your coaching practice. Coaching is different and coaches' social media are different, too. If you are a coach investing money and time in social media, we share our best tips to make a huge difference in your success. Led by Lisa Hayes and Jeannette Maw, this four call audio program (with transcriptions in a pdf) covers the ins and outs for coaches using Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Content includes:

  • finding the right role of social media in your personal coach marketing plan
  • strategic use of your "fun time" online
  • how to use social media to get recurring business
  • how to be "deliberate" with your social media results
  • the single most important key to your social media success
  • leveraging Pinterest to create valuable backlinks to your site
  • finding the sweet spot between authenticity and 'expert' persona in your social media
  • leveraging social media for all aspects of your business (marketing, relationship building, and client support)
  • turning your pinterest boards into a consistently lucrative referral source
Whether you're brand new to the social media scene or been here a while, you'll learn how to get more 'bang for your buck' with time spent on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

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Program Modules


Law of Attraction Foundation - $195

 (added as free bonus when another module is purchased) Includes the principles of deliberate creation, creating alignment, manifesting techniques and methods, the role of action, identifying and honoring inspiration.  Designed to ensure you have a full working knowledge of your profound creative powers. When you buy any other module, you automatically get a complimentary copy of LOA Foundation.  


Coaching Skills - $795

(rolling admissions - start anytime) Includes the distinctions between LOA coaching and traditional coaching, responsibilities to clients, effective sharing of law of attraction principles with others, the two absolutely crucial elements for effective coaching, maintaining your alignment while working with others, and specific LOA coaching skills on the "Big Four": money, career, health, and relationships.


Business Building - $1195

(rolling admissions - start anytime) Focuses on allowing your financial and professional success, including effortless, enjoyable and authentic client attraction methods, designing your ideal practice with a clear and unique vision; methods for maintaining and creating your energetic alignment, nuts and bolts guidance for whether (and how) to choose a niche, setting rates, and best practices for operating your business (intake procedures, billing and charging systems, etc.). We also cover specific marketing topics that many coaches struggle with including website development, copywriting, search engine optimization, social media, list building, and alternative marketing strategies.  All under the umbrella of what really matters: the heart of vibrational marketing.  We practice what we preach and teach you how to do the same.  


Mentorship - $1995

(scheduled individually) The most intimate, intensive support we’ve ever offered to other coaches who are ready to thrive.  This one-on-one investment in your practice will ensure that you are bringing theory to real world practice in building your vision for your coaching practice. We'll identify and close any gaps that are keeping you from your professional success and ensure your practices are supporting your highest intentions. This is only available to those who have invested in either the Coaching Skills or Business Building modules (or both), and is scheduled individually.  This piece is required for certification and involves 6-8 weeks of one on one phone support with the founders of Good Vibe Coach Academy.  


The Complete Package - $3495

(save nearly $600 with the Whole Shebang) If you are already saying “It’s too delicious to choose – I want it all!” then grab this option. It's also the only option that qualifies you to apply for Good Vibe Coaching Academy Certification, plus you save nearly $600 by purchasing it all in one complete package. If you aren't sure where to start or what's best for your situation, we'd be happy to help you feel out your best answer.  Call or email so we can chat!