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Good Vibe Coaches

Lisa HayesLisa Marie Hayes

Lisa has been coaching since 1995. She got her original coaching certification from Coach U. Back in then when she told people she was training to be a coach they asked, "What sport?". Later she supplemented her training by getting her Hypnotherapy Certification, where she learned brain science and behavioral modification tools she also uses in her coaching practice.

Having worked as a coach since 1995, Lisa has watched the coaching industry has become a lucrative and evolving industry. Lisa is a relationship expert with a strong law of attraction approach. Lisa looks at law of attraction through the lens of science and loves introducing it to "non-loa" clients and teaching students the tools they need to incorporate law of attraction principals in their practice.


Jeannette MawJeannette Maw

Jeannette is the Good Vibe Coach and co-founder of Good Vibe Coach Academy with coach extraordinaire Lisa Hayes. Jeannette is a self-professed manifesting geek whose work is devoted to inspiring conscious creators.

She hosts an online LOA party here and publishes on the subject of manifesting here. Residing in Utah with a houseful of rescued dogs and cats, Jeannette says her present day life is proof that big dreams do come true.

New Student Coordinator

Joseph Esquivel, Student Services AdministratorLaura English

Laura knows what it is like to be the new kid on the block! She moved almost every 2 years as a Navy brat and continued to move regularly until 2012. With her life experiences, she has a strong commitment to connection and community.

Laura is a ‘curious cat’ and will immediately want to know your story, your desires, and practical needs. Be sure to take her up on her help navigating and connecting with GVCA, you’ll be glad you did.

She also has a strong background in strategic communications and program enhancement which also influence the success of GVCA.

Student Services Administrator

Joseph Esquivel, Student Services AdministratorJoseph Esquivel

Committed, passionate about helping GVCA students in achieving their goals to become better coaches.

He is also GVCA's arm in resolving technical issues

If you’ve ever said something like:

“I’ve been coaching all my life, I want to make coaching my life’s work.”

then you are our inspiration. You and the kind of coach we’ve got our eye on.

Why? Because we want that for you too, and we know it’s totally doable.

Your dream can be a reality.

We are prepared to help you bring your craft to the world.

We believe in coaching AND we believe in you

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