Hello, Rock Star! We’re so glad you’re here!

And we don’t think it’s an accident that you showed up.

If coaching is your gig, or even if you think it might be, you are our kind of person.

We think coaching is a very high calling – so, hats off to you!

If you’re a law of attraction coach, then even better.

You’re definitely in the right place.

Good Vibe Coach Academy trains coaches with mad skills and magic. We cultivate genius. We inspire rebels. We love misfits with passion. We are prepared to help you bring your craft to the world.

If you’ve ever said something like, “I’ve been coaching all my life. I want to make coaching my life’s work” – then you are our inspiration. You are the kind of coach (or coach-to-be) we’ve got our eye on.

Why? Because we want that for you, too .. and we know it’s totally doable. Your dream can be reality.

We believe in coaching. We believe in you.

So, let’s rock this together!

You can start to get to know us by checking out our weekly Coaching Smarty Pants radio show below or browse the blog.  Email us to set up a chat if you’re ready to explore something more official together.  We’d love to hear from you!